What others have to say...
Here are some brief comments others have made about the Camel Method: 

"History has been waiting for a Gospel bridge to the Muslim world. The Camel Method appears to be that bridge!"
Dr. Jerry Rankin, President International Mission Board

"I believe every pastor in America needs to know the Camel Method to reach Muslims."
Dr. Mike Hamlet, Pastor, First Baptist Church North Spartanburg, South Carolina

"Seldom have I ever been so enthused about a book as I am about this inside peek at one of the most extraordinary acts of the Holy Spirit ever chronicled regarding Muslim evangelism."
Dr. Phil Parshall, EMQ review of The Camel Training Manual, missionary author New Paths in Muslim Evangelism

"Every great work of God provokes a predictable backlash from Satan, as his domain is threatened. The Camel method has been no exception."
Dr. David Garrison, editor of the Camel Workshop